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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dying in the streets. so many planes have been arriving at haitis main airport, carrying supplies and relief areas. and also civilian flights to haiti from the u.s. had to be stopped for a while. there was not enough room for them to go back to their original location. and the flights to bring in more aid has been allowed to resume. survivors of the haitian earthquake have been burying victims in shallow grades on the side of the road. others have tried to carry the dead for nearby hills for burial. there is still no shore numbers of how many people have died. well, fairfax county urban search and rescue is sending a second team to help with the rescue efforts or the relief effort it is in haiti. and they are set to leave within the next 24 hours. the next 24 hours, indeed, they are hoping for 42 men and women. they are ready. you can notice it's a little quiet. because they are right now in a briefing trying to get some of
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the details possibly when. and as soon as they can leave, the united states. right now, they are packed. they only have three bags. and it's got to sustain them for the next 12 to 14 days. here's what's in it. and they even have rule books for these types of disasters. and they have knee pads, breathing ap are teus which is important to dig it up from the debris and the dust. they need to make sure that they can breathe with that. if p-rz and they also have a change of clothes. i've got to tell you, they have a lot in here. they only have a sweatshirt, extra boots and pants. but that's what they are dealing with that they know exactly what they are doing. so they are ready to go. we have video from them earlier today. they have been packing their bags this afternoon. and everything that they have put in there, that has to be self-sustaining and it has to have a purpose. because that is so limited and they are going into such a are vanned area as people -- ravaged area. they are getting their water
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bottles packed away. they are also bringing the k-9 health and rescues to identify victims. the first team of 81 have already rescued one man. and we have gotten late word this afternoon. they are in the middle of digging out several victims trapped underneath the rubble at the motel. >> right now in the building that our teams are working on, the hotel montana, we have one live rescue like you said. we have been working nine hours. there are three other live victims in that building that parts of our team and other teams are working with. it's what we're here for. it's what we do. and everybody in the whole organization, they were excited. >> reporter: and now, remember, the first team that left on tuesday, they got the word just as this second team has gotten word. but you'll remember that they didn't leave until the next morning. so a lot of this is to hurry up and wait. we'll be here throughout the night when they get word. and of course when they leave on that bus, on that flight to haiti. and also, we have just learned that the plane is not there yet. so again, it could be a few
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more hours. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you for that. the haitian embassy of northwest is command central for people looking for family members and a way to help survivors. most of her haitian relatives are unaccounted for. >> we have not located my uncle, half of our family members. at this time, we are just overwhelmed. >> we know these guys are in trouble. we're here to help them out. >> reporter: vol tear ministers from the church of signtology, they were acing among those who came by, offering to do whatever they can during the crisis. in the meantime, a memorial to the victim is growing. many are stopping by to say a prayer. president obama says one of the largest relief efforts in our recent history. it's moving towards haiti. the u.s. military. they have secured the airport at port-au-prince so the heavy equipment needed for rebuilding could be brought in. the u.s. government is making an initial investment of $100 million for the earthquake relief effort. promising america and the world
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will stand with haiti. daily life was often a bit of a struggle. after suffering so much for so long, to face this new horror mite look up to ask if we have somehow been forsaken. to the people of haiti, we say clearly with conviction. you will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten. >> reporter: president obama as asked the former presidents, george w. bush and bill clinton to help with the relief efforts in haiti. if you are desperately trying to reach the loved ones to set up the hotline number for you. they will open up the evening
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news where you can get the latest news and the relief information on our website, and now to another story. developing with wizard stars, gilbert arenas and his gun case. he is now facing felony charges. the sports director, they are here now with more, brett? >> and after 48 hours of negotiating with prosecutors, this is essentially the worse possible outcome for them for arenas. granted that he and his lawyer could still plead down to a lesser charge. but if the felony stands. and arenas is convicted, it is likely that he has played the last game for the wizards and possibly in the entire nba. the official charged if you have not heard is carrying a pistol without a license. and outside home or office. which carries a possible five-year prison sentence. arenas, he confessed to laying four guns on the locker of the teammate back on december 21. leaving many to believe that he would be charged with four counts of the gun crime. one for each area. but he was charged with only
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one. meanwhile, his teammate, he had his apartment searched today. why police in arlington, as they executed a search warrant, looking for the gun that they allegedly loaded and chucked. looking for a silver or chrome color semiautomatic handgun. but nothing was seized from their home. for and the wizards, in the meantime, they are it be had chicago, getting ready for the bulls. releasing this statement within the last hour. we are aware of the charge that is filed by gilbert arenas. they will continue to follow the ongoing legal process carefully. we'll continue to operate fully with the proper authority and the nba beyond our previous statements on it had seriousness and the unfortunate matter. no further comments at this time. nine sports, they spoke with the nba league office about an hour ago. they said that they have no comments on the felony charge. and they will wait until the case proceeds. we'll have much more on this developing story coming up it in sports, lesli? ahead, how a local company
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is helping earthquake relief workers repair before they hit the ground. and first, the scams you need to be aware of before you donate money to help. and topper? >> well, no heavy quotes tonight. it's pretty nice. take you out to the temperatures. it'll chill by, but not as cold as it has been. 37 at frederick and manassas. pay to attention to that 52 behind the leesburg curtain. we'll be back to talk about the thaw and the storm over the weekend. stay tuned.
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many of us were moved to the core by the catastrophe. and others, they are thinking
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of what they want to make sure that they are taken. because those files, they could contain them. and don't give out them. srer ryeson wireless -- verizon wireless efforts for the customers to develop that to the haiti earthquake efforts by texting the word haiti. and to 90999. up next, a look at how people in that nation and they are here in the u.s. and they are turning to facebook and twitter from the aftermath of the effort quake. but first, here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. here in port-au-prince, the utter devastation. and tens of thousands of
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patients, they are feared dead. while family members, they are struggling to find their missing loved ones. we'll have complete coverage tonight on the cbs evening news. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/ o
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while five moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. a traffic update for you tonight. police, reopening all of the westbound lanes of the road in rockville. but the eastbound lanes, they remain closed after the fiery tanker crash on i-270 this morning. 270 of course, back open. but overnight, a tanker truck, overturned and they caught fire on the montrose road overpass. crews are still dealing with the cleanup on the eastbound lanes. right now, police in bowie, maryland, in standoff with a man inside the apartment along with 400 block of emerald lane. 9news now has learned that that man is a capitol police ufrs. we don't have any word on any hostages in the time. and we do have a crew on the scene. we'll have more on this story as soon as it comes into the information center. the son of the dc cab driver, returning home just
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three years ago to try to take over and to write the regions and the metro system. and today, they announced their resignation taking nearly everyone by surprise. it was set to surprise that there was not a single tv camera in the board room when they announced their decision to metros directors. >> and the events of the past six months. and they have really created an unhealthy distractions for the organization. and i have submitted my resignations to you, effective on april 2. he came in promising that safety would be jobs. and the safest ride in the nation. >> and has he, you know, i mean a lot of people, they are wondering if they are feeling bad in any way. >> i think that there is a real setback. >> reporter: the biggest setback was the crash that last june, rather, that killed nine people. but what may have created the most con to srer seu for them and their managers was the decision to deny independent safety inspectors access to
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metros tracks. the board intervened and reversed that decision. well, the crash of the small plane, they have killed the pilot. the plane crashed yesterday near the small airport. and outside of oxford, connecticut. investigators, they are trying to determine what wenting wrong. the pilot was the only person on board. he's been identified as john foster, 50 years old. back now to our coverage on the aftermath of the devastation in haiti left behind by the 7.0 earthquake. less than 10% of haitis 9 million people have regular access to the internet. for those who do, social networking sites are the best launch of the communication. ever since they hit, be many people in the u.s., like febreeze, have opinion scouring sites for updates on family and friends. >> and i'm doing well. my family as well. thank god. and i saw the most horrible things in my life yesterday. social networking sites
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have inspired activism. for example, the haitian born singer, they asked their followers to donate money via text messages. as of last night, they had already raised more than $400,000. a local business is able to view and analyze the aftermath of haiti from the unique perspective. taking us inside the offices of 40s1 in arlington. >> and that is just four shots of the building intacted to look after the building earthquake. you see the buildings collapsed. >> more than 1400 miles from arlington, virginia. but technology to bring the two locations together. >> and that is because of the distance. but there is also, you know, we're getting the real-time flicker feeds for that. and the photos are coming in from the ground. >> the relief workers and they use that satellite imman reto determine where to send the critical resources like water, food, electricity, and cell phone coverage. we're working with a lot of technical groups to bring the tools and the datas.
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>> depending on where the fault lines were, the water lines, the highways. and the points of interests, the building footprints. >> reporter: a key element of what they do is respond to disasters. >> and i will, you know, flooding crisis, over a year and a half ago. the san diego wildfires. and hurricane katrina. >> so here are the roads. and here are buildings. the centers. we want them in separate layers. >> reporter: this may all sound technical. but there's a human side. >> i mean, i feel terrible that we kaebt go there to help out. but we can do something from here. >> reporter: from here, they allow people to visualize the information in real time. and providing the help to those who need it most. kevin king, 9news now and and since the earthquake, devastating haiti. and they have already added more than 40 maps in real-time satellite immans to their website. an incredible view. something that we have not really thought about. you know, giving them a view as to what they are headed into before they even get there. >> that's a good idea.
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>> yes, it'll help them a lot. we have a viewer that is generating that out there today. i think that it will be 50 tomorrow. >> i'm the only one with the scarves and the gloves on today. >> that's okay. that will get you cold in the january thoughts. here is your forecast first though. the next three days. making 50 tomorrow. temperatures slipping a little bit over the weekend. upper 40s on saturday. and an okay day. but the clouds, they return. and they stay dry during the day. and a little wet snowflake in here late saturday night on the on site of this precipitation. a little wet stphoefplt north and west of town. by that, gaithersburg north and west. that really changed that much. dropping it to 39. kind of psychological. very cold frame on sunday. right now, no flood watches. although there is a fair amount of the moisture headed our way. the ground frozen, you can see the flood watch. we'll keep you posted. high clouds cold tonight. 22 to 32. with the light winds. so even though that they are warming up. the clear skies, at least the high clouds and the calm winds, allowing the temperatures to fall. pretty low at night.
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we're about three degrees higher than last night. 22 at great falls. 25 at silver springs. and 23 at upper marlboro. downtown, right around the freezing mark, down towards old town. about 31. temperatures right now, they are chilly. and 42 at national. and 36 at manassas. 36 at quantico and tomorrow morning, partly chilly. it warms up pretty quickly. we'll be in the 40s by that 9 to 10. winds are northwest at 10. sunny and pleasant by the afternoon. that's a deal. winds northwesterly, but only at 10 miles an hour. so we should not feel any kind of a windchill in the morning or the afternoon. satellite picture, radar combined. and you see this moisture down across texas. this will be our developing storm system. and again, a low pressure system to the north and low mexico area. for the winter storm, the trouble is, no cold air available. it'll track through the southeast. eventually off the carolina coast on sunday night. and again, maybe a few wet
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snowflakes for the onset, primarily a cold rain during the day on -r saturday. and as you get out of here by monday. just some high clouds tonight. so again, nothing too much. you'll be able to see the stars through the clouds to keep temperatures up just a shade. and still, a little bit on the cold side. and remember, this is the zone forecast. still in the zone website on you know, sunshine tomorrow, just a few high clouds. but 50, just about everywhere. down to 52. low 50s in springfield. maybe even 53 at stafford as you head down to i-95. 50 on this side of the river too. good news if you're by the bay, 54 annapolis. no winds, no small craft advisories for the bay or the side out there. and the next seven days. 50 tomorrow, sunshine, 46 on saturday. sunshine state, as clouds come in. and again, a cold rain on sunday. we have struggled to get to 40. probably won't make it. keeping it in the upper 40s. 50 on monday. a little colder on tuesday and wednesday. we may have gone a little hog
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wild. we'll keep them for now. maybe a flurry. then 45 next thursday. >> all right. thank you for that, topper. we want to update people on that standoff that we have been telling you. now over. no one hurt. we're told that the capitol police officer involved was arrested without incident. that's one situation over. but as we have talked to brett now. the problem for gilbert arenas on wrapping up. >> as you think about th-rbgs remember, it started with a joke, or at least what they thought was a joke. emphasizing on the fact that his sense of humor was warped. and if gilbert arenas is a felon, is he done with the wizards? done with the nba? more details on the felony charge facing the wizard star and what it means for his future and how he could still get out of it. our coverage continuing coming up.
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avoiding this exact e vane wallty -- event. because of the misdemeanor, the wizards, they likely could not avoid their contract, but that did not happen. arenas has been charged with the felony crime of carrying a pistol without a license outside home or business. and a charge that carries a possible five-year prison term. arenas according to the associated press, scheduled to appear in dc superior courts tomorrow. arenas essentially confessed to the crime several weeks ago when he admitted to bringing guns into the wizards locker room and placing them, allegedly unloaded on the teammates locker, in what arenas later disguised. and the wizards as you know, by now, removing all images from the verizon center and the multiple reports that say they will use the incident to free themselves from the choke hold of the arenas $111 million contract. meanwhile, arlington police, today, executing a search warrant at the home of the
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jarvaris, when they placed those four unloaded guns with a note reading, pick one. and he responded by loading his own gun and chambering one bullet. tmz reports that he then tossed the gun in a laundry basket and a team employee, they wielded it out of the locker room. showing nothing was seized from his house today. and the wizards, they are in chicago tonight. the team releasing this statement last hour. and we are aware of the charge filed against gilbert arenas. we'll continue to follow the ongoing legal process very carefully, continue to operate with them fully. beyond the previous statements on the seriousness and the unfortunate matters, we'll have no further comments at this time. and nine sports, dave owens, live at the verizon center where news of the charges are just trickling in. good evening, dave. stpwhrár hey, outside that team's statement that you just read, not a lot of activity inside the verizon. like you said, the team if many chicago. but i just walked across the street to the local sports bar to kind of get the pulse for
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the folks over there. asking five people what they thought of the gun charges. on gilbert arenas. all five of them were actually happy that his celebrity status, did not seem to bring forth a lesser charge to the all-star guard. and one young lady, even saying that she thought he should be prosecuted just like any random person. here is some more sampling of what fans had to say out here on the streets today. >> a felony that mite be a little harsh, but you know, i think it's too bad. it was a stupid thing. and i think he knows it's stupid. but gosh, you've got to pay for something like that. >> it's a certain amount of accountability, you know, you must uphold. >> they have to get rid of their slogan, the cart commission. i mean, you put gilbert's face on there, obviously the character is in question. >> reporter: and of course that big banner was taken down last week by the team. brett, back to you in the studio. >> the fans not missing the irony here. switching gears to the redskins now. as they told you they would
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yesterday, interviewing tampa bay assistant coach today. aside from man being a very respected veteran coach. there might be another motive for hiring him. a mentor to buccaneers number one receiver. and guess who becomes a free agent this offseason, yes, bryant. the 28-year-old, hampered by a knee injury in '08. but to have 83 catches, 1200 yards and seven touchdowns in the year. and he will go where man goes. meanwhile, mike shanahan, making the first free agent signing as a player. he knows well. the former broncos. and 300 pounder was drafted by the broncos for the last year. that shanahan was the coach there. much more on the felony charge. issuing against them. >> and as you say playful. >> yes. playful. >> pit bull. >> my problems are nothing. >> very full play. >> yes, thank you for that, brett. that's it for us for 9news now at six. the special hour-long cbs evening news with katie couric will be next with the latest on the search and the latest recovery efforts. we'll see you


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